5 Signs You Need to Repair Your Home Heating System

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The season for warm hugs, hot chocolate and jingle bells is upon us. A failed home heating system can hamper a season of celebrations for you. Here are some signs that indicate you need to repair your home heating system

Increasing Energy Bills

Are you observing an increase in your energy bills? This could mean that your furnace might not be operating efficiently, making your heating system work hard to keep your home temperature optimal. A furnace repair can help you reduce your bills and save you from heating system replacement.

Abnormal flame Color

The flame in your furnace should always be blue in color. The abnormal flame color indicates leakage of carbon monoxide. This is a serious sign and can be fatal. Abnormality in flame color occurs due to incomplete combustion. A blocked vent system is a major cause of this. In this case, call a certified expert and get your heating system checked.

Strange Noise

A switched-on boiler makes a humming sound that usually goes unnoticed. However, a clunking, squeaking or rattling sound can mean something else. This could be an indication of a broken valve, a problem in the pump, or even some built-up sludge in pipes. If you hear any abnormal sound, turn the heating off immediately and get your heating system inspected.

Nasty smell

Heating systems are designed in a manner that they contain all gas they produce inside their pipes. They only heat up the air already present in your room or produce steam from burning pure water. Both of these processes are odorless. If you smell something foul, then there is a strong possibility of a carbon monoxide leak. It can also mean that a component of a boiler or furnace has burnt out. However, a foul smell should never be taken lightly. A gas safe engineer can rectify this problem.

Things taking longer to heat up

If the water in your tap takes some time to get warm? Or the radiator isn’t heating up even after turning on the heat? This could be an early sign of boiler malfunction. Identifying this and getting it repaired can save you the time and money you will invest in forking out an expensive, new boiler.

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