The Pros And Cons Of Air Conditioners

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An air conditioner can make your life a whole lot easier in the summer. It creates a comfortable environment by maintaining the temperature. But air conditioners have their own downsides as well.

Let's find both the advantages and disadvantages here:

Advantages of Air Conditioner

1. Prevents Dehydration

When you're exposed to extreme heat, it can cause dehydration. High temperature causes the body to sweat more, resulting in the body losing more water than it should retain. Air conditioners help in reducing perspiration and minimizing the effect of heat.

2. Improves quality of air

Air conditioners improve the quality of air and build a healthier atmosphere. They can filter out pollen and allergens and reduce humidity to make breathing easier.

3. Reduce Asthma

You can reduce the risk of asthma attacks through air conditioners. Air conditioners usually disinfect the air and prevent mould and mildew growth. The elimination of mildew can reduce the risk factor for asthma attacks.

4. Improves Productivity

The hot summer days can get uncomfortable if you're working in the heat. Due to high temperatures, you won't be able to concentrate on your work. An air conditioner can provide a comfortable and cooler environment.

5. Prevents Home Appliances from Overheating

An air conditioner can help in keeping your expensive gadgets at room temperature to prevent overheating.

Disadvantages of Air Conditioners

1. Results in High Electricity Consuption

Air conditioners consume a lot of electricity that can rack up your energy bill. Moreover, as coal-burning plants generate electricity, the more electricity is consumed, the worse it'll be for the environment.

2. Causes Skin Dryness

Air conditioners can make the skin lose its moisture, thereby making your skin dry. Some people also face irritation and allergies due to the cold temperature maintained by air conditioning.

3. Increases Respiratory Problems

Temperature change has often shown aggravation in respiratory problems.

4. Worsens Allergies

If you already have allergies, they may worsen when you remain in an air-conditioned room for prolonged periods. Moreover, moulds can grow or accumulate in your ears, causing an ear infection.

5. Causes Dry Eyes

For some people, low temperature can cause eye dryness. If you are overexposed to the low temperature maintained by air conditioners, there can also be irritation in your eyes.

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