4 Signs Your Heater Needs Inspection

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With winter approaching, you wouldn’t want your heater to stop functioning. But the good news is, you’ll be able to identify when your heater needs repair, allowing you to call a professional furnace repair service in London, Ontario before things get worse. But first, it’s important to identify whether an inspection is required, right?

Firstly, we want to mention that George’s Plumbing & Heating offers one of the best heating services in London, Ontario. Maintenance enables you to get your system inspected and checked by a qualified technician for repair needs, so they don’t surprise you late on. But let’s assume you’re done with the maintenance part. Can you still face problems? Probably.

Here are 4 signs your heater needs inspection.

1. Ridiculously high bills

Your heater may be a problem if your power bills are out of the ordinary. If your gas bill is off the charts, your heater may be malfunctioning.

Yes, your heating system will become less efficient over time. This inefficiency would translate to it making more effort to get the house to the intended temperature.

While your utility company can increase its rates gradually, drastic changes in bills are a concerning sign. So, when your electricity bills increase, it might be time to call in a professional 24-hour furnace repair service in London, ON.

2. Inconsistent heating

The majority of us set our thermostats at a particular temperature. This means, irrespective of what’s happening outside; the indoor temperature is always comfortable.

But if you’ve noticed that various spots within the house have different temperatures, or sometimes your home is warmer or cooler, then your air conditioner or furnace isn’t working optimally.

This is the time when you should consider hiring a furnace repair service in London, Ontario.

3. Strange sounds

If a boiler is in good condition, it shouldn’t make strange sounds. However, if you hear whirring, banging, and clanking sounds, there may be an issue with the fan or pump.

Gurgling or whistling sounds may mean that the water pressure within the boiler is a bit low. This occurs when the heat exchanger has debris and salt trapped within it, which restricts the flow of water. During this, pressure may build up, allowing your boiler to rupture.

4. Trouble turning on the unit

With time, you may experience difficulty starting the unit. If you have to restart the unit multiple times during the day or try more than a couple of times to get the unit running, there’s a big chance that you’ll need a repair. Often, these functionality issues are due to disconnected wiring or damaged thermostats. By replacing the affected parts, you’ll be able to resolve the issue.

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