Clogged Drains: The Do’s and Don’ts

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If you’re an everyday homeowner, realizing the amount of strain your home drains take with time is difficult. From everyday bathtub drains to clogged drains, the buildup within the drains may cause progressive issues that may eventually lead to big problems down the line.

The plumbing professionals at George’s Plumbing & Heating can repair your drain effectively. But before you call them, here are some do’s and don’ts you should know.


Run hot water down your drain: Thanks to hot water, oily products stop building up on the pipes’ interior surface and are instead sent down the drain. This means no clogs or sluggish drains.

Use a drain filter: By using a trap or drain filter, you’ll be able to keep your drains free of clogs. Drain filters can catch relatively big items, for example, hair and food, which will help make cleaning quite easy. How? By trapping these items before they’re sent down the drain.

Use a licensed plumber for best practices: The plumbing business isn’t free of accidents. However, a certified plumber will be aware of the potential hazards. The plumbers at George’s Plumbing & Heating know how to work with such hazards. If there’s clogging in your drains, call us.



Flush everything: Only flush what nature provides—and probably toilet paper as well. Don’t flush cat litter, diapers, baby wipes, flushable wipes, or feminine products down the toilet.

Put food waste or non-food items down the drain: Both garbage disposals and drains are delicate appliances. While you can flush down some things in the toilet and put them in your garbage disposal, not everything is okay. Therefore, being cautious is important. Things like hair, eggshells, skin or animal bones, paper towels, cotton balls, and band-aids are a big no.

Put vinegar or boiling water down the drain: When you start noticing a clog, it’s fine to run hot water down your drain. However, pouring vinegar or boiling water down your drain isn’t recommended. While this may unclog drains slightly, it’ll trigger more damage by causing your drains to break or rust.

Use acid cleaners or chemicals: If your drain is clogged, this is probably the first thing you’d do. While they may offer a short-term solution, they’ll do more harm than good in the long run. Due to the corrosive nature of drain cleaners, they’ll start eating away at the clog. In the majority of times, this wouldn’t even work. Yes, liquid drain cleaners may do a decent job when your drain is sluggish; if it’s completely blocked, they won’t help.

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