3 Sounds A Damaged Air Conditioner Makes

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Halloween is over, but the strange noises coming from your home seem to be still lingering! Is it a rat? A lost soul from the afterlife? We think it’s just your central air conditioner trying to communicate that it needs a maintenance check!

Sure, appliances don’t speak. But they have a way of communicating that they need repairs. Today, we're going to translate some noises your air conditioner keeps making. Here’s what all that sputtering and whistling actually means!

Rattling Sounds

You might have heard what sounds like something moving around inside your air conditioner unit—like gravel or sticks. More often than not, the reason you hear these sounds is because of objects in the outdoor condenser unit.

Leaves, sticks, and dirt picked up by strong gusts of wind can all make their way into the outdoor condenser unit. Once inside, these objects can move around and cause a stir! However, in the worst-case scenario, the noise could be due to a damaged electrical contractor. It's best to ask a professional to disassemble the unit and determine the root cause.

Bubbling Sounds

Hearing bubbling sounds is quite alarming, especially if you’re nowhere near a kitchen! If they’re coming from your air conditioner, the chances are that you’re dealing with an abundance of moisture.

Bubbling sounds are often associated with a damaged drainage pipe. A crack or blockage from dirt and grime could cause moisture to build up and make sounds. A professional electrician can inspect the drain pipes for damage and fix them with equipment that’s best suited for the job.

Loud Squealing

If your air conditioner greets you with a high-pitched whistle or scream-like sound, switch it off immediately. Apart from being extremely loud, it could also be a health risk due to a refrigerant leak.

Squealing sounds from your air conditioner could also be due to high-pressure build up inside the compressor, which can also be incredibly dangerous. Your best bet is to call a professional so they can inspect it and advise you regarding what repairs need to be made.

No matter what sound your air conditioner is making, consider it a warning signal and call a professional to help you decipher its meaning. If you are on the look-out for air conditioner repair in London, Ontario, contact George's Plumbing & Heating. We provide quick repair services that will get your air conditioner up and running in no time! Contact us today for more information or to book an appointment.