4 Tips to Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter

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Before winter greets us in all its glory, we need to ensure that our furnace is energy-efficient, safe, and, most importantly, functional. This will help keep you and your family warm. When the temperature falls, you don’t want to turn your furnace on just to find out it isn’t working (warmer months can affect your furnace in various ways).

Yes, calling a 24-hour furnace repair service in London, ON, would be your best bet as they’ll ensure everything is operational, check for unhealthy gases and leaks, change the filter, and clean the furnace, but there are some things you can do yourself as well to prepare your furnace for winter.

Here are 4 tips to get your furnace ready for winter.

1. Change the furnace filter

If you want to ensure your furnace keeps working and efficiently so, changing the furnace filter will probably be the most important (and simplest) course of action. Before the winter season arrives, stock up on some new filters and have them prepared. Inspect your filter once every month, and try replacing it between 1-2 months. If a furnace filter is clogged, it will allow dirt, debris, and dust to make their way into the system, compromising the efficiency of your system, worsening indoor air quality, shortening the equipment’s life, increasing the probability of a breakdown, and causing wear and tear on the components.

2. Inspect the thermostat

You’ll have to fine-tune your system because you’ll be switching it over to heating. Turn your thermostat to heat, slowly raising the temperature to some degrees higher than what your existing room temperature is.

Listen carefully to check if the heat has turned on. If it doesn’t, check the wire connections under the furnace cover to ensure everything is securely attached. While you’re turning the heat on, also check the furnace fan, heat pump, and blower.

By testing your system and thermostat in advance, you’ll be able to address problems even before the winter shows up.

3. Clean the air ducts

If you’ve recently got done with a big remodeling project, if someone in your home doesn’t have a healthy immune system, or if your air filters get dirty quickly, you should clean the air ducts. Otherwise, turning on the heating system will spread dust and debris around.

4. Oil the furnace blower (if needed)

To prepare for winter, ensuring that every component of your furnace system is in good working condition is essential. Often, the furnace blower motor plays a significant role in ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of your heating system. Therefore, oiling it at least once every year would enhance its performance while also preventing any unusual noises when working.

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