5 Reasons Why Your Water Heater May Be Leaking

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Water can cause severe damage to your home, ruining the walls, floor, and other valuables. It is essential to address a leak at its earliest, especially if it's a water heater leak. In cold climates, you cannot survive without a water heater. Maintaining it is vital for performing daily household chores smoothly. Let's take a look at some reasons why your water heater may leak.

Rusted tanks

Most people face leaks because of rusted water tanks. This may be because of old age or a lack of maintenance. The most common leak you will encounter is through the water tank. Corrosion makes it easier for the water to leak through any cracks. The best way to prevent such a leak is to clear out your tank and wash it frequently. If that doesn't solve the problem, then it's time to replace it.

Drainage valve

The drainage valve can loosen over time, which causes water to leak. It has many purposes, such as cleaning the tank, getting rid of discolored water, and more. You can replace drainage valves easily; if you cannot do so, you should contact your nearest plumber.

Heat pressure

There is a high chance that your water heater may face severe pressure due to heat and steam. It is essential to set it at the right temperature; constant heating builds unnecessary pressure in the tank. The water finds cracks and openings to relieve the pressure, which causes damage to the tank and a water leak.

Damaged temperature and pressure valve

These valves play a vital role in running the water heater smoothly. However, if one of them is damaged, it could cause a water leak. These valves are used to relieve the heat and pressure that build up in the water tank. If these valves face a malfunction, the tank’s pressure can cause irrecoverable damage.

Inlet and outlet

The inlet connection is where cold water enters, and the outlet is where heated water leaves. These connections loosen over time, which causes the water heater to leak.

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