A Homeowner’s A/C System Checklist For Summer

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According to a study on air conditioning and electricity expenditure, households worldwide spend 35%–42% more on electricity bills when they own an A/C. When it costs you an arm and a leg to run a system, it's best to ensure it runs efficiently.

Here are some ways you can do that.

Inspecting and testing the unit

Before summer rolls around and it’s too hot to do anything, carry out a thorough inspection of the air conditioning system. Make sure all the wiring and controls are in order. Worn or loose wires can cause motor dysfunctions leading to costly repairs in the future. Inspect the fans, capacitors, and refrigerant for any issues and leaks. You should also pay attention to the air ducts; dust will restrict the airflow of your unit and affects its efficiency. You don't want to delay these inspections till the last moment.

Cleaning out all the dirt and grime

Once you're done inspecting the system for any faults, repairs, or buildup dust, it's time to get cleaning. Filters require frequent cleaning. Stubborn dust and dirt collected by the filter might render it useless. You don’t want unclean, non-filtered air flowing through your house. Cleaning out the drain lines is also necessary. The drain lines collect all the condensation created by the air conditioner to provide cool air. Gunk and dust buildup will eventually clog the drains leading to an overflow. To prevent this problem from getting out of control, take a brush and scrub the drain's insides and enjoy cold air all summer.

Maintaining the unit

Maintaining your air conditioning system is vital if you want it to run all summer smoothly and increase its longevity. The fans and blower produce cold air; maintaining them and their parts will have your system functioning correctly. If you've noticed any wear and tear in the system, have them changed or repaired. Having a well-lubricated fan and motor is vital. If you hear any high-pitched screeches from your air conditioning system, you need to oil or lubricate the fans and motors.  Lastly, it’s best to hire a professional to inspect, repair, and administer proper maintenance to your air conditioning system. It's an expensive piece of equipment and is costly to run, and you don't want to go around poking your fingers in the system. You might damage it or, even worse, harm yourself.

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